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We disinfect healthcare spaces in minutes with a fast acting odorless solution that is safe around people. Our unique process includes environmental testing that proves your facility is safe.

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Pressure-driven Ionized disinfectant particles easily adhere to floors, walls, and furniture of any shape or material.
In less than 10 minutes, the disinfectant is applied to a typical room size; then, we perform a rapid on-site test before we move on.
Because we use Non-Toxic disinfection methods, patients and medical staff can stay in the same room while we disinfect and test.

Your patients and medical staff deserve a VerifiedSAFE™ environment.

The number of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) has increased by 36% in the last 20 years. Over 2 million people suffer from HAIs annually, causing illness and unnecessary discomfort to patients, even death, due to contaminated healthcare facilities even after standard healthcare cleaning protocols.

We know you would like to see these statistics decline and we want to help. Half the battle is knowing what microorganisms you are fighting against, and the other half is validating that the disinfection process works. That is why DisinfectWell’s skilled professionals test before and after disinfection to provide a VerifiedSAFE environment for medical staff and patients.

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How it Works

DisinfectWell provides a fast, effective and verifiable solution that allows healthcare professionals to keep serving patients with minimal to no down-time. The service is safe, non-toxic, and can be administered around staff and patients.

Identify microorganism count on any surface with Rapid ATP On-site Testing.

Safe non-toxic disinfectant is ionized providing a 360° coverage.

VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting validates after disinfection.

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