What is ATP rapid on-site testing?

ATP contamination testing is a proven method of measuring microbial contamination. Our Rapid On-site Testing detects the amount of (ATP) adenosine triphosphate present in the sample. ATP is an energy-carrying molecule found in and around living cells at different levels—including bacteria, and as such, it gives a direct measure of biological concentration. Using a luminometer, contamination is measured by the light produced through ATPs chemical reaction with the naturally occurring firefly enzyme luciferase. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample. The higher the ATP level, the more contaminated the tested surface. ATP Rapid On-site Testing allows us to evaluate microorganism counts before and verify after disinfection to ensure the healthcare environment is safe.

Pre-Disinfection ATP Testing

Our skilled technicians will collect samples after swabbing various surface locations for microorganisms by utilizing an ATP testing device. The surfaces’ organic material will be measured in relative light units (RLU), a unit of measure for ATP. Using RLU levels to test locations are scored as pass or fail and reported. The more RLU on the surface, the higher the levels of contamination. Applicable non-toxic disinfection services are prescribed based on verified results.

Post-Disinfection ATP Testing

After the disinfectant is applied, we will test again for verifiable results that the area is safe. We continue to report contamination levels quarterly to provide visibility of a safe environment for your healthcare facility. Continued validation offers our clients the ability to socialize safety to medical staff and patients because post disinfection testing is the foundation of our VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting.

A Data Driven Standard of Safety

DisinfectWell uses field test data to inform recommendations for your disinfection protocol and cadence. Each healthcare environment is different, so we customize our service around your specific needs. Challenges identified during our initial and subsequent visits fall into one of the following categories: Low, Medium, or High Risk based on the microorganisms identified to be present during our visit.

Why ATP testing?

  • The #1 reason we test is to Keep People Safe
  • EPA Approved testing method to identify contamination
  • Proven, CDC compliant way to detect microorganisms quickly and accurately
  • We test before and validate after disinfecting to ensure efficacy
  • Fast results within seconds
  • Limits the risk of deadly pathogens
  • Peace of mind for you, your healthcare workers, and patients