VerfiedSAFE™ services for clinical environments.

Hospital-grade disinfection to keep your people safe.

We help clinical environments mitigate microbial contamination

You may wonder, is it possible to keep your clinic free from viruses and bacteria with the number of individuals that work in and enter your building each day? Lately, it feels like pathogens are becoming stronger and traveling faster and farther than in recent years. Healthcare facilities are having to quickly adjust to figure out how to provide “safe” care sustainably. The reality is that daily, thousands of individuals expose themselves to bacteria, viruses, and even deadly pathogens that may be lurking on surfaces or in the air within clinical environments. 

Healthcare-associated infections can lead to loss of limbs for patients and even life, potentially costing your facility unprecedented financial and legal challenges.

People want to trust healthcare environments

DisinfectWell has the solution to build confidence in your medical staff and provide safer healthcare spaces for all through our comprehensive disinfection service. We test, disinfect, then verify to make sure your clinic is ready to provide safe care.

Spread good word

Our protection program enables you to share that your clinic is doing something different. Whether through a “Protected by DisinfectWell decal, print collateral, or social post, people want to hear about cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Especially when it involves direct benefit in making it safe to receive care. We encourage you to tell others what steps and measure you take to keep them safe, like: 

  • Most comprehensive disinfection protocol in healthcare
  • Safe around people, non-toxic, no odor, non-disruptive to healthcare operation
  • Validation confirming disinfection efficacy
  • Contamination monitoring and VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting included

Efficient non–toxic verifiable process

Through our VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting, we measure monthly microbial contamination giving you the visibility you need to make decisions. We can measure actively growing microorganisms to kill them safely and quickly with our non-toxic disinfection and antimicrobial solution through ATP Rapid On-site Testing. Our expert technicians disinfect with electrostatic equipment that can reach even the most difficult places, providing better coverage than traditional disinfection methods.

Your healthcare facility should be one of the safest environments for all people.

  • Clinical Healthcare

  • Based on ATP/MicroID testing, contamination levels.Disinfection
  • Antimicrobial solution(s) are Organosilane is an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and mold on surfaces for an extended period (up to 90 days)Protection
  • Before and After DisinfectionATP On-Site Testing
  • VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting
  • Monthly

  • Bi-Monthly

  • Quarterly

The frequency of disinfection recommendations is based on ATP/MicroID testing. These tests will be administered during onboarding and then every 90 days to a maximum of 30-day service intervals, depending on site specific microbial contamination levels.

After the disinfectant is applied, we will continue to report on the most recent contamination levels monthly to ensure a safe environment for your medical staff and patients.

After 90 days of “Pass Limit” level testing results, your facility will receive a “Protected by DisinfectWell” Media kit.

  • Test Areas

  • Public AreasPublic Areas
  • Patient RoomsPatient Rooms
  • Mobile Workstations (Med Carts)Mobile Workstations (Med Carts)
  • Pass Limit

  • Public Areas0-50
  • Patient Rooms0-25
  • Mobile Workstations (Med Carts)0-25
  • Fail Limit

  • Public Areas>50
  • Patient Rooms>25
  • Mobile Workstations (Med Carts)>25

Additional Services

High Contamination Protocol

We can provide services more frequently when post disinfection event testing denotes a spike in contamination. We then recommend a seven-day protocol of increased disinfection intensity and testing. Our technicians will test and disinfect the environment every 36 hours.

We can also perform a MicroID Rule-out Test should you need us to certify that a specific pathogen no longer is present in that space.

Once your facility has been free from high counts of microorganisms for seven consecutive days, we perform a MicroID Environmental Test to verify safety before we revert to your prescribed cadence of disinfection.

Decontamination Outbreak

Should you encounter a pathogen requiring a quarantined disinfection event. DisinfectWell technicians quarantine the contaminated area and employ both proven additional disinfection methods to eradicate the microbial pathogen. After the one-day disinfection event, we verify with both ATP Rapid On-site Testing and MicroID Rule-out Testing. MicroID results are submitted the same day as a redundant qualitative certification that the environment is again safe for medical staff and patients.

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