VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting

VerifiedSAFE™ reporting is our way of helping Hospitals and Clinics provide safety, supervision, and emotional care to their medical staff and patients. Through MicroID testing and ATP rapid on-site testing data, DisinfectWells microbiologist analyses your healthcare environment. By establishing a microbial baseline, we then inform specific disinfection protocol and frequency recommendations. Monthly reporting for hospitals and quarterly reporting for Clinical settings provide visibility and validation for your healthcare space. VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting also offers the opportunity to address problem areas in your hygiene protocols or present janitorial cleaning services. Should your organization require more data or an increased frequency of reporting (or both), we can accommodate to address your desired level of contamination visibility. We are excited about the developing correlation between VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting data and HAI/CAI reduction year over year. 

Contamination Assessment Results You Can Trust

Our monthly or quarterly VerifiedSAFE™ PDF reports help you monitor contamination. We believe this fundamentally changes the war against HAIs and CAIs.

Our practice of testing microorganism counts before and after decontaminating the environment allows for consistent validation of the disinfection protocol in place in your facility. We report against the data we obtain through testing to empower healthcare organizations with data related to their efforts to mitigate microbial contamination risk.

Should the contamination dynamics shift, we can see increased microbial levels and recommend changes to your disinfection program. We are committed to helping you better understand your contamination rates and the safety of your healthcare environment.

Our rapid 3 step process (test, disinfect, and verify) enables doctors and nurses to work effectively, with minimal to no disruption to patient care while reducing the risk of infections.

We believe reporting against this process makes sense. You can download an example VerifiedSAFE™ Report to see what one of our clinical healthcare customers received during their first pilot.

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