We build trust through transparency.

DisinfectWell sets the gold standard within the healthcare industry by providing transparent and compelling healthcare services that will have global implications on mitigating the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections.

Our Commitment

DisinfectWell is a managed disinfection service company. We are people-centric and purpose-driven and our corporate culture revolves around keeping people safe. We serve hospitals and clinics by mitigating microbial contamination through non-toxic disinfection and verification through rapid on-site testing. We provide a comprehensive sustainable solution that is safe for humans and minimally invasive to operations.

Transparency is a big part of our mission to keep people safe. We believe in a safer environment for your medical staff and patients. Many healthcare organizations don’t know if the disinfectant services they’re using are protecting people well from dangerous germs and viruses. DisinfectWell has developed a safe, fast and simple way for your healthcare facility to mitigate contamination and socialize safety as a comfortable and trusted place to work and recover.

Our Mission

We test, disinfect and verify places to Keep People Safe™.

We want to inspire and lead a movement in the healthcare industry to not only disinfect but to test and verify that the disinfectant protocol worked.

Our Vision

We see people confidently living out their lives in VerifiedSAFE™ environments.

We value life and believe it possible to leverage technology and innovation to keep people safe. Mitigating the risk of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) is just the beginning of our journey to make all environments safe for everyone.

Corporate Culture

At DisinfectWell, we care about improving the safety of environments and building strong relationships. We believe in having fun while working and serving others by bringing smiles, empathy, and compassion for others. We are committed to our purpose of keeping people safe.

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