Hospital Disinfection and VerifiedSafe™ services

Protecting what is arguably most valuable – people’s health.

How can you be sure that your healthcare facility is a place that patients can safely recover?

We get it! One patient acquiring an infection at your hospital can cost your facility millions of dollars. HAIs impact staff morale and can tarnish the reputation of your hospital. As a critical decision-maker, we know you have a responsibility to protect your organization from financial and legal liability associated with hospital-acquired infections.

According to the CDC, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) cost US hospitals up to 30 billion dollars per year*. Statistics show that one out of every twenty-five patients hospitalized in the United States contracts an HAI leading to longer recovery time and extended hospitalization. Poorly disinfected environments increase the chances of pathogens spreading to medical staff, patients, and visitors. The silver lining is that 70% of HAI infections are preventable!**

We can help reduce HAIs in your healthcare environment

DisinfectWell has the solution to increase confidence in your level of care and provide a safer environment. Through our ATP and MicroID testing, we have the visibility to recommend a disinfectant cadence specific to your hospital environment. We are different because we test before and validate after disinfection. Our whole process is safe around people allowing your facility to run smoothly and build trust within your community.

Data driven decisions

Through VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting, we measure microbial contamination giving you the visibility you need to make decisions. After 90 Days of safe contaminations in your facility, you can participate in our protection program, where we help you socialize contamination safety. Our protection program helps you share as people want to hear about cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Your community benefits from knowing what steps and measure you take to keep them safe.

  • Most comprehensive disinfection protocol in healthcare
  • Safe around people, non-toxic, no odor, non-disruptive to healthcare operation
  • Validation confirming disinfection efficacy
  • Contamination monitoring and VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting included

Non-invasive solution

The DisinfectWell process and method is the most effective and yet least invasive disinfection program in the market. Unlike our competition, we can safely disinfect and test around people mitigating costly disruption to your operation. The ability to disinfect and validate efficacy around medical staff and patients in minutes ensures both a strategic cadence of microbial reduction and protects the healthcare environment between service events.

Via our electrostatic technology, our disinfection method can reach even the most difficult places, providing better coverage than standard disinfection methods.

To find out more about our proven process and how expert technicians apply DisinfectWell’s non-toxic solutions to healthcare environments, click here.

Your healthcare facility should be one of the safest environments for all people.

We base the ongoing cadence and frequency of recommended disinfection on ATP and MicroID testing of your hospital. Once we establish a microbial baseline, we leverage test data to inform how to protect your hospital best. Each environment has unique challenges and needs best understood by those who run those hospitals. We are flexible and sensitive to increment the level of service to meet your specific needs.

  • Hospitals

  • Based on ATP/MicroID testing, contamination levels.Disinfection
  • Prevention
  • Before and After DisinfectionATP Rapid On-site testing
  • VerifiedSAFE™ Reporting
  • MicroID - Environmental Testing
  • Every 36 hours

  • Every 24 hours

  • Every Patient Rotation

The frequency of disinfection is based on ATP/MicroID testing.

We can provide services more frequently to ensure all is effectively decontaminated and safe. Our technician will test and disinfect the environment daily and perform a MicroID rule out test per request. Once your facility has been free from high counts of microorganisms for three consecutive days. It will be considered VerifiedSAFE™.

  • Test Areas

  • Public Areas
  • Patient Rooms
  • Mobile Workstations
  • Nursing Stations
  • Maternity
  • Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
  • General Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Sterile Services
  • Pass Limit

  • 0-50
  • 0-25
  • 0-25
  • 0-25
  • 0-25
  • 0-25
  • 0-10
  • 0-10
  • 0-10
  • 0-10
  • Fail Limit

  • >50
  • >25
  • >25
  • >25
  • >25
  • >25
  • >10
  • >10
  • >10
  • >10

After 90 days of “Pass Limit” level testing results, your facility can participate in our DisinfectWell Protection Program.

Your hospital will then receive a “Protected by DisinfectWell” Media kit to help you socialize safety.

Additional Services

High Contamination Protocol

We can provide services more frequently when ongoing testing denotes a spike in contamination. We then recommend the execution of an increased disinfection intensity and testing. Our technicians will test and disinfect the environment daily. Optionally we can also perform a MicroID Rule-out Test should you require us to certify that a specific pathogen no longer is present in that space.

Once your facility has been free from high counts of microorganisms for three consecutive days, we revert to your prescribed cadence of disinfection.

Decontamination Outbreak

Should you encounter a pathogen requiring a quarantined disinfection event. DisinfectWell technicians quarantine the contaminated area and employ both proven additional disinfection methods to eradicate the microbial pathogen. After the one-day disinfection event, we verify with both ATP Rapid On-site Testing and MicroID Rule-out Testing. MicroID results are submitted the same day as a redundant qualitative certification that the environment is again safe for medical staff and patients.

Daily Post Op Testing

We provide end of the day testing to verify that all surgery rooms are contamination-free following daily surgeries.

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