VerifiedSAFE™ reporting and infection prevention service is raising the bar on mitigating HAIs

VerifiedSAFE™ reporting and infection prevention service is raising the bar on mitigating HAIs
Choice Cancer Care in the DFW area adopts DisinfectWell’s infection control program to keep patients and medical staff safe and earns VerifiedSAFE™ status

DALLAS, TX – August 31, 2021 — DisinfectWell is an integrated infection control and prevention service combining effective disinfection and VerifiedSAFE™ reporting from environmental testing of surfaces and air in Hospitals and Clinics.

“We keep people safe by partnering with leaders in healthcare to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). Our unique process is straightforward and produces powerful results. By integrating testing validation before and after our safe, non-toxic rapid disinfection program, we raise the standard of microbial safety for patients and medical staff. We are excited to work in healthcare to save lives and prevent unnecessary risk of nosocomial infections. Such infections are a $30 billion problem in the US, and DisinfectWell is a clear solution.”

Rodrigo Zurita
CEO of DisinfectWell.

Through ATP Rapid On-site Testing (adenosine triphosphate) and MicroID Environmental Testing (environmental samples sent to a 3rd party lab), surfaces and air are sampled to create a consistent feedback loop around microbial contamination levels. In addition, they provide the ability to identify or rule out pathogens through consistent VerifiedSAFE™ reporting. Disinfectants are applied using a non-toxic EPA “N list” solution to maintain adequate contamination levels recommended by the CDC. DisinfectWell’s infection control and prevention service is minimally disruptive to healthcare operations.

Choice Cancer Care’s DFW locations adopted DisinfectWell’s infection control and prevention program in January 2021 and has been through our comprehensive environmental testing and disinfection process for six months.  As a result, Choice Cancer Care locations have been approved as  VerifiedSAFE™ Clinics and adorn our seal of approval. 

Patients can be more confident selecting Choice Cancer Care because of the extra measures they have taken to keep their clinics VerifiedSAFE™.  Plus, the added value is that the medical staff knows their environment is protected, and they are part of a proactive solution that serves patients with excellence.

ABOUT DisinfectWell

DisinfectWell is a purpose-driven and people-centric infection control and prevention company dedicated to reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections.  We are focused on providing accountability and transparency to mitigate microbial contamination utilizing electrostatic technology and non-toxic disinfection. Our unique process allows us to verify disinfection results through ATP Rapid On-site Environmental Testing while providing a comprehensive sustainable solution that is safe for humans and minimally invasive to operations. Through our innovative reporting tools, medical staff and operations can monitor contamination levels providing unique insight to keep people safe. 

Protecting people is what we do well

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